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Raised Tie Roof Extension

Peter and Megan Anderson – Raised tie roof extension near Kidderminster

Following approval of their planning application for a large extension to their property, Peter and Megan requested a quotation from E.T.S following a word of mouth recommendation from a previous customer. The roof design was made incredibly complex as a result of the skewed wall along the boundary line – maximising the build footprint. The requirement for a vaulted ceiling combined with an ICF (insulated concrete form) wall construction added additional design difficulties.

Here at E.T.S we relish the opportunity to get involved with more unusual, complex projects as it draws upon our vast design experience and keen attention to detail, as such we were delighted to secure the order.

Given the complexity of the design, E.T.S engaged in extensive design discussions, liaising with the client, carpenter and builder to make certain all parties were satisfied and up to date with design and logistic requirements. It’s imperative on projects of this nature, where there are differing wall-plate heights and skewed walls, that the site dimensions are surveyed and ideally when the walls are somewhere near to wall-plate height. This allows access to the existing eaves for the existing roof geometry, ensuring no clashes with existing roof members and makes certain that there have been no dimensional discrepancies as the new wall has been constructed from slab to wall-plate height. This is where the rapid E.T.S lead-time of 5-7 working days really pays dividends in ensuring build schedules do not have costly delays.

As per standard ETS practice, a detailed set of construction issue installation drawings were provided with the material supply and the roof was installed on schedule and fitted perfectly.

Peter & Megan Anderson “I’m currently lying on freshly laid floorboards, staring up at a beautifully crafted and designed roof structure.  It’s beauty belies its complexity, the guys at ETS have done a smashing job of dealing with the quirks of our building.

The entire roofing process was completely alien to me and the team at ETS did an exemplary job of helping me understand exactly what we needed and worked hard to make it work.  The entire process, communication, measuring, manufacturing was great, I never felt like I was meddling or being a distraction if I phoned up for a chat and timescales were honest and adhered to.

While assembling the roof, every time the carpenter started to raise questions about the next item he was due to fit, he would soon realise that his worries were totally unfounded.  “Oh that’s clever, they’ve obviously thought about that!”.

So, in conclusion – I would definitely use ETS again, and won’t hesitate to recommend them if anyone asks me.”

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